24th month of 5th era 2020-03-18 (?) · 405 words · 3 min

I decided to try using this space for timely updates about my life, as opposed to the timeless and universal wisdom of the rest of the site.

Speaking of which, this site is itself something I was able to make a lot of progress on in the past few weeks.

I managed to take my camper van out for two weekends in a row, albeit with yet another urgent visit to the mechanic in between. Even in the season of spring showers, the California coast is heartbreakingly beautiful. It's stayed with me for days afterwards.

I also got a lot of practice time in with my other vehicle, the electric unicycle. I've reached the point where I feel safe sharing the road with cars, and even going down most hills. I've been surprised how fun it is. I've started thinking through what it would take to do the new 49 mile scenic route.

I went to a few hip-hop dance classes, after years of saying that I wanted to. It wasn't what I hoped for at all! But maybe I'll be able to find a more educational one next month.

I did a lot of campaign volunteering, peaking at Super Tuesday. We socialists had a few more victories, some of which mean more work leading into November, but right now local politics is at an ebb.

The workers of Tartine Bakery voted to unionize, in the second successful union campaign that DSA SF has been on the helpful periphery of. We'll see how far we can take this trend.

I've been listening to a lot of podcasts. About 15 days worth per month, according to Podcast Addict, the somewhat unfortunately-named app I use, though that number doesn't take into account that I listen to them around 3x speed, or that I simply skip some episodes.

Before I hurt my shoulder and the gyms all closed, I'd gotten back to around the level of strength I had two years ago, while I was in New Zealand. Getting stronger, or at least being stronger than I would be if I didn't lift, has taken on an ethical valence this year; I've been wondering what I could do to encourage people I know to join me.

Finally, I've been trying to spend most sunsets on the roof of my apartment building.

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