what's up with me lately 34th month of 5th era 2021-01-18 (?)

The wind and sun have both been rising earlier and fiercer. We're about to enter the season of 大寒 - "Big Cold." My sekki calendar remarks "Hens huddle together and begin laying eggs." That's how I've been feeling, though my huddling has mediated through screens.

No Christmas this year, but something of a New Year: living by the beach meant I could offload a lot of food and drink onto some friends who also weren't going home for the holidays.

I continued to make the half joke that we'll look back on 2020 as "the last normal year." The serious half is that decades of demolishing infrastructure which was at risk of helping solve social problems has left us unable to think or act as a society, so I don't expect the United States to reach herd immunity for several years, that this will be used to further segregate, alienate, and economize us.

I made more friends who see things this way.

This morning I weighed in at 185 and squatted 345, which were both improvements in their own way. If the world record was 100, that puts me at around a 44. It was a bit of a relief to feel strong, since just a few days ago I took a roll off my unicycle to avoid a car that sped around me to stop at a stop sign. I recommend not doing that, but also I recommend slowing down as soon as you see someone start to do it to you.

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