31st month of 5th era 2020-10-18 (?) · 330 words · 2 min

I took another seminar from the Brooklyn Institute. This one was on American Policing, and I enjoyed it just as much as the last one, despite the subject. I don't think I have the budget for a third one, but I'd like to run one of my own.

I switched to "phase 2" of the strength-training program I've been following. This involves many things, but still has me lifting my heaviest weights on the three major lifts in sets of four, and so my strongest lifts this month were all sets of 4: 325lbs on the squat, 205 on the bench, and 405 on the deadlift. This time I'm certain, I am stronger than I was at my previous strongest point, the first few months of 2017 (the Trump presidency has been hard on us all). Allometrically, I'm now a 51. So two of me could together lift more than a world-class lifter that weighed the same as one of us. Or something. At any rate, the number is still going up, with my bodyweight staying roughly constant.

I was hit by a car! It was as slow as an impact as could justify the use of the term "hit," as opposed to "pushed" or "shoved." I yelled at the driver and they sped off. My only injury was a stubbed toe, though the next day I was in a bit of a fog - I'm rarely comfortable feeling angry.

Speaking of fog, we've had both clear days and foggy ones in the Sunset. I am already a resentful local, getting angry when outsiders swarm the beaches on the weekends, or more accurately the parking spaces...but of course the real fault is to be found with our public transportation options. I wish everyone in the city could come to the beach, as long as it doesn't leave me hunting for parking for an hour.

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